Closeout Prices on Bob’s Red Mill Products at Big Lots

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Hodgson Red Mill ProductsSurprisingly, Big Lots has some specialty products at closeout prices that are difficult to find at most grocery stores.

For example, I had been looking for whole wheat pastry flour for some of my baking needs and I couldn’t find it at any of our local grocery stores. Then I remembered the Bob’s Red Mill section at Big Lots!

Sure enough, I got four 48 oz bags of whole wheat pastry flour for $2.70 each. I also grabbed a large bag of brown rice for $3.75.

According to the Red Mill website, these products are stone ground, whole grain, and organic foods, including flours, corn meals, cereals, baking mixes, pastas, and more

These products are typically located in the natural/organic foods section at the grocery store and are relatively expensive. Coupons aren’t generally available for any of these products.

There are many other Hodgson Mill products available at Big Lots, including several types of granola and soup mixes.

When shopping at discount stores, you might want to check expiration dates. The expiration dates were 2015 and beyond on the products I purchased.

One thing to note about Big Lots is that they do not accept coupons. (Who needs coupons at these prices?).  However, they have a free rewards program you can sign up for. Make 10 $20 purchases within 12 months and you’ll get a 20 percent discount on your next purchase.

In Eau Claire, Big Lots is located at 3004 East Hamilton Avenue.