Yard Sale Treasure Map: A Great Tool for Finding Rummage Sales

May 13, 2011 by
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Yard Sale Treasure Map

Spring finally decided to show up! For bargain hunters, springtime also means rummage sale time! Check out this awesome tool for finding rummage sales in your area. The Yard Sale Treasure Map is a craigslist/Google Maps mashup that searches for all of the nearby rummage sales on craigslist and then plots them on a Google map. It even lets you plan your route to make sure you hit all of the rummages in your area.

Other functions of the Yard Sale Treasure Map allow you to:

  • Search for particular items in a sale
  • Map sales within a radius of an address
  • Manually add sales you want to check out
  • Arrange the order of your route based on your preferences
  • Print route directions

The best part of the Yard Sale Treasure Map is that it is free! Will this change the way you shop at rummage sales?

Thanks to Green Bay Consumer for the tip on this great resource!

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