Donate $15 to Hope on Wheels and get $25 Off at Ken Vance

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WheelsWhen you donate $15 to Hope on Wheels you will receive $25 off your next service at Ken Vance Motors.

Hope on Wheels is an organization that raises funds to help fight childhood cancer.

This offer is valid through March 31st.

For more information, see the Ken Vance website.

Five Ways to Save Money on Gas

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gas pumpAccording to GasBuddy, gas prices in Eau Claire are currently between $3.99 and $4.04 per gallon. Unfortunately, industry experts speculate that prices will continue to rise.

Have rising gas prices caused you to change your driving or purchasing habits? If not, here are a few tips to keep in mind to help you keep more cash in your wallet:

  • Keep your car in tip-top shape. Maintain air filters, spark plugs, and fluid levels for optimum performance.
  • Maintain proper tire pressure. Tire pressure is essential for good fuel economy. A pencil style tire pressure gauge can fit in your glove compartment and makes it easy to quickly inspect your tire pressure.
  • Plan ahead. Plan your errands in advance in order to minimize the number of trips that you need to take with your vehicle. Also, planning the optimal route could save you time and money by avoiding time in traffic.
  • Use technology. A recent check of revealed gas stations that were located within 1/10 of a mile of each other yet prices varied by ten cents a gallon. also has a handy app available for iPhone or Android phones.
  • Take advantage of gas purchase discount programs. Here are two such programs in the Eau Claire area:

Gordy’s Pump Perks

How does it work? Purchase products at Gordy’s that are identified with the Pump Perks symbol. At the checkout you will receive a Pump Perks receipt, including a barcode, which will reflect your total gas discount per gallon. You may redeem up to 5 receipts on one gas purchase up to 15 gallons. Your discount is valid for 14 days.

Scan the barcode(s) at the pump and the total discount will be automatically be deducted from your cost per gallon.

I was also delighted to discover that on Mondays, they will also pump your gas for you!

See the Gordy’s store locator for more information.

Mega Miles

How does it work? Receive five cents off per gallon at Mega Holiday for every $50 you spend at Mega Foods, plus get additional cents off per gallon on hundreds of items throughout the store. You must use your Mega Card to receive the discount.

See the Mega Foods store locator and the Mega Holiday store locator for more information.

The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, & Consumer Protection also recommends the following consumer tips for buying gas:

  • Compare the price on the pump with posted advertisements to make sure they are the same.
  • Make sure the pump’s dial resets to zero before you start to pump gas.
  • Check to see the price per gallon remains the same throughout the pumping process.
  • If the price changes or the numbers appear to skip, black out, or advance too fast that you cannot read them, there may be a problem.
  • Make sure the meter stops running when you stop the pump.
  • Check the price computation for accuracy. (Pump prices round up to the nearest whole cent.)
  • Always get a receipt, even when paying by cash. This is your proof of purchase.
  • Review the receipt and make any errors known to the store clerk immediately.

What are some other ways that Eau Claire consumers can save money on gas? Feel free to leave a comment here.